Dashboard, saving pics and RTH although battery is not at that state

I was just out for a map flight and noticed that my dashboard on the iOS did show nothing but the flightpath and the battery status. everything else was blank on the bottom row where the battery status is displayed.

another thing I would like to mention is that the Inspire 1 initiated RTH although the battery was at about 50% going down. the RTH is at about 20% depending on flight distance the AC is at that moment.

DD made a 153 pics for the 1.7ha I planned in the online map but also made an orbit around the building at same height and manually fired pics. now it is downloading / processing them. on the DJI GO app I can see a number stating 11500 going downwards with my battery getting low :slight_smile: hope it will finish before the AC shuts down.

is there an update for DD on iOS or do you still work on the dashboard while flying layout.