Dashboard Map PDF

It would be helpful to be able to print or export a map of the overall dashboard project view so that we can pull it into Bluebeam and annotate the projects. Better yet you could just use the project name to show on the pin. I need to print at least a 36x48 at good resolution.

Bumping for consideration.

Bumping. It would be really helpful to operations to have a printable and more controllable PDF of our overall dashboard projects map. This is the best overall view we can get the way the interface is.

I hacked a little by zooming in, capturing screenshots and then stictching them together with Microsoft ICE to create a high resolution PDF that can be used outside of DroneDeploy by those unfamiliar with the web interface. Additionally it would be nice to have the project names. We do this in Bluebeam and display it on a TV in the office.