Dashboard Map does not show all projects

I took a screenshot of the map in question, located in the DroneDeploy Dashboard. I know for a fact that I have several project locations that don’t appear on this map and circled a number of them in red. The zoom level is terrible. These projects aren’t clogging up the map (sometimes it’s the only project location around for miles), but I have to zoom in super close (like 3-4 more mouse scrolls) for them to finally pop up. Other places seem to work just fine with a bunch of pins all crowded around or on top of each other, so why wouldn’t these others show up too? Is there a way to fix this? I like to take a screenshot of this map to show progress and new locations over time during annual reviews, and I don’t mind if the pins are overlapping a bit. I think a bug fix is needed just to make the projects that are no where near other projects on the map show up without needing to zoom in so close.

Are those other projects in folders? The map only shows what is in that directory level.

Interesting, did not know that. However, not sure that is what is really happening because all of our projects have been sorted into folders. If that is the case then it is strange that they map at all.

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Actually you’re right. Something did change. Ours is now showing all of the projects regardless of what subfolder I am in but it is missing some projects as yours is.

Keisha is your mom Jonnie Chinn for the LWSD?

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Hi Sam! Haha, yes she is! Your mom and my mom are good friends:)