Dashboard flight count is not consistent

This is again a very small & subtle issue, but it freaked me out.

We currently have 113 missions on our dashboard.

  1. When I filter the list, say sink, the filter works fine. I then select a flight, go into it & do whatever
  2. When I then go back out to the dashboard, The filter condition clears (That’s problem #1)
  3. But what freaked me out was the dashboard count was now 100!!

I initially thought I somehow erased a bunch of missions! Turns out when you Reload the Current Page, the dashboard count resets to the proper value.

Me thinks, this is another pesky detail to put on the bug list


Hi @cplamb,

Thank you for your attention to detail and for reporting this issue. I am hearing two issues on your end where I have replied inline:

  1. The filter condition clears - I was able to reproduce this issue and I have submitted to our product team.
  2. The total number of flights is greatly reduced when click into a flight>then back out to the dashboard - I was unable to reproduce this issue, as seen in my screen recording. http://recordit.co/bmwqCFvjXE.
    You could try clearing your cache or using Chrome to see if the problem travels.

Hi Nipul,
Thanks for responding to me. I cleaned up my dashboard so I have less the 100 missions now, so I can’t really reproduce the issue. First issue is most important anyway.

I really like that recordit app, gonna have to try it.

Do you’all recommend that we use Chrome as our browser? We use FireFox, and have had a number of small issues.

I see you have some great 3D structure missions. Any chance you could share that water tower or some other 3D job with me. I would like something I can wow my Customer with. Thanks in advance,