Dark lines on 2D maps of fields

I’ve mapped several fields in which there appear to be dark lines which coincide with the flight lines.

The attached map was flown on a cloudless day and sidelap was set to 65%, frontlap 75%.

Has anyone any thoughts as to what is causing this?



My first thought is that your sidelap % should be a bit higher than 65%. I’d try it at 70% at least.

Thanks for the response Kevinw73…I will try that.

Incidentally, I should apologise for the poor quality of the images I managed to upload. They were simple sceenshots.

There must be a more professional way to get higher qulity images from the DD website. Can anyone run me through that?

FarmerM, you are looking for the export tab on the map. Here is the documentation related to the export process that will get you a higher resolution image.

Once DD processes the export you will get an email that says your export is complete and then you download it as as a zip file that you need to extract to get to the final image.

could be the cloud cover changing during the flight.
How high were you…
Usually fly at a min of 100m When mapping fields.

No…it was a clear, cloudless day…I understand the issues with partly cloudy days.

All my missions I fly at 90m.

I think it must be due to insufficient overlap, which I left to the default value which I dont recall.

Thanks peterthefarmer for the advice by the way.

I have just re-flown the field with the side overlap increased to 80% which seems to have cured the problem.