Dark edges around Ag fields

I’ve seen this issue a few times after uploading images of crop fields. The edges will be a darker green and not representative to the actual field. This basically renders the flight useless.

DJI Mavic Pro with stock camera. Flown at 400’ with auto settings for overlap etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


That’s probably because of the base material on the surrounding roads. It will dial down the exposure as that gets closer to the focal point. This is where post-processing of the images would help greatly. We use ACDSee.

Thanks. That makes sense as this was a 10’ plus tall corn crop. Would it be easier to set focus manually in DJI Go4 on the target/crop. Then start the Drone Deploy mission?

Post processing 500+ images prior to uploading to DD seems like a tall task.

I post process all of our photos no matter how good they look off the camera. ACDSee does non-destructive batch editing so you always maintain your originals and you set up templates for exposure corrections. The trick is that there is one certain set of equalizer settings that normalizes all photos. They will look better than the native photos coming off the camera, that you can run an additional filter or slide exposure adjustment and can process 500 photos in about 30 minutes without you having to touch the computer.

I think what you might want to try is setting up DJI go for an aperture priority setting. This may require a couple of test shots before you get used to the settings, but once you get it it’s very effective in battling tough lighting conditions.