Dali-esque lines if additional images added

Hello, all. I’m getting Dali-esque orthomosaics when there are duplicate images uploaded. For example, if I continue to fly around once the missing is finished, and if it generates additional images (even reasonable ones from similar altitudes with camera at nadir), I start to get warpy lines. Running the same data into Pix4D does not yield the same artifacts.

Picture at G+ community: https://plus.google.com/+echeng/posts/We4WBHoEFzr

Hi Eric,

I think your picture is of the fast stitch which is a quick preview done in 5-10 minutes. The full stitch looks better.

Hey Eric,

What Chase said is accurate. The fast-stitch (produced in a couple of minutes) doesn’t go into the same level of detail with the depth reconstruction - so yields some strange edges where there are significant vertical changes. If you take a look at the ortho now - you should have nice clean, crisp edges :slight_smile:

Let me know if there are still significant differences.

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