Current 7th Gen Ipad

Hi there,
new her and have been reading a lot on DD to utilize for our new business and the issues with lag time from older Ipads etc causing loss of video, which I have experienced this myself with both the P4P and Inspire

When looking into the newer versions of IOS however, I see that the mini’s, which would fit all DJI controllers, are actually Gen 5 and it is the larger 10.2" that are Gen 7 and cell capable.

Would love to hear what people are using


Welcome @Octagon! Here’s the current thread related to the latest Dronedeploy app. There was another thread as well for the previous app version and we moved on, but there is still some relevant info on the problems.

It was pointed out that the 7th Gen 10.2 actually has a lesser processor than the Mini 5 so it is currently the primary recommendation from DroneDeploy. Please comment on this thread moving forward.