Crosshatch 3D Setting Toggle?

Does turning on the Crosshatch 3D “Double pattern for 3D over large areas” run both a nadir mission and an oblique crosshatch mission?

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I believe it runs the normal nadir regardless, but the functionality to remove that has been requested. I think the perimeter and crosshatch both run oblique, but let me check.

Reply from DD… Perimeter includes nadir, crosshatch cancels them out. In that sense I would suggest adding a separate a nadir flight if you want the best outcome. Nadir will help the overall stitching of the map.

Michael is correct here, the crosshatch mode is going to capture only oblique images. Enhanced 3D is a set of perimeter obliques and a layer of nadir.

By default Enhanced 3D is coming on with Perimeter and Crosshatch so no nadirs are taken. You have to go into Advanced Settings and turn off Crosshatch to get Nadirs and the old school Structure Mode. This selection setup needs to be consolidated onto one page and the option to turn off nadirs and run perimeter only needs to be added.