Cropping part of a 3D model

Hi. I’m just getting the grips with DroneDeploy and was wondering if it’s possible to crop part of a 3D model?

I’ve done this 3D model of a local church - but as you can see, a neighbouring tree hasn’t rendered properly nd I’d like to crop it out. Is that possible? Any ideas?

Many thanks.

Yeh I’d like to know this too. I accidentally caught some houses in the scan which were in the shots but outside the area I marked, I’d like to crop.

It’s not currently possible to crop a 3D model. I’ve forwarded this to our product team.

Yes I am interested to learn how to perform basic edit functions to the 3D models.

I think you could only clear the tree by masking it out in 3D modelling software like Agisoft Photoscan. I have done this with the cheaper basic version of Photoscan and it works well during the initial processing of the photos for the 3D model.