Crop plan on orthomosaic does not crop 3D model

@jono Is there any way to crop the area generated in the 3D model? When the plan is cropped on the flat map and those boundaries are saved it would be great if that cropped the edge of the 3D model as well. This could would be applicable to real estate applications where there is sometimes concern about invading the neighbors privacy by posting photos that include their property. Being able to completely crop their property out and create a 3D model of only the area of interest would be an advantage. Plus the file size would be smaller, so if you surveyed a large area, but only needed a model of a small portion, you could crop then model.


Hi @Tubreaux,

As it currently stands, there isn’t. This is something we will be building in the coming months. In the mean time, there are a number of 3D editing tools like MeshLab and Blender which will let you do the editing locally given the 3D model export.

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Does anyone have a link that provides instructions on how to do this? Thanks.

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