Creating property boundaries on 3d maps


I’ve been getting a small amount of work on a subdivision over the last few months and I’d like to try and add some value to what I’m doing. People are starting to come in and select sites which makes a good opportunity for me to be able to get them using my 3d maps to help their selection. what I want to do is provide a 3d map of the whole subdivision with all of the lot boundaries and numbers overlaid on it. I’ve downloaded meshlab and it’s easy enough to import a model into it, but i cant figure out what’s next… I’d really like to be able to superimpose a 2d file (mostly transparent with just the property lines and numbers on it) onto a 3d map of the same location.

Can anyone recommend a way of doing this?

I believe Sketchfab may have some features like this. You might explore that.