Creating map from multiples missions


Hi All,
I am planning a drone survey over a large area, and thus divided the area into four chunks (see image). How do i define the overlap between these four chunks in order to get a seamless map of the hole area.


You should be able to put the edge of the boundaries in the same line as long as the actual path isn’t too far from the boundary. You’ll actually get more overlap there than in the center of the flight plan. I would use Google Earth to make KML files. Make one large polygon for the mass area and then make your quads as they best fit. How much area are you dealing with?


Thanks Michael! I have a 400 acres area of interest and i am flying at 100m.


Perfect, so it sounds like depending the shape of the quads that you are trying to get each in 1 battery? It really shouldn’t matter, but I am a proponent of the less flights the better and try to keep the launch points fairly close in elevation if possible. Also, are you using ground control points?


Like Michael says, at 100 m shared boundaries should be fine.


Thanks Michael! Regarding GCPs, i am debating whether i should use them or not. Here is why; this is a research where i am trying to map fractures on an outcrop. Once i have a map from my survey, i am really interested in the orientation and length of my fractures (length vary between 1-100m). It is not clear to me if using GCPs will help with my project. I would like to have your suggestion.


From what you describe, as long as you program good overlaps and are not near any electromagnetic interference you should be fine without.