Creating Contours

Hi, is there any update on Contours being made available to topographical maps?

Contour maps area download option under the elevation tab. I would love for them to be re-added to the web interface as it was a long time ago.

Hi DragonflyAS,

thanks for your response. As I’m new to the site I don’t see the option you’re suggesting.
My current status is Pro on a first month trial basis.
I have read somewhere that I have to subscribe to have Contours available, are you able to shed any light on this?
Also I see no tutorials or examples for it, so as you can imagine then, I’m a bit reluctant to spend $299/month for just a look see.
Do you know of anyone on this forum who might be using/used it and an example of what is achievable?

Regards, Maddy

Here is a screen shot of the web interface for downloading:

Here is an example in AutoCAD: