Creating an Account -HELP

So far this is the worst app ever. I can’t even create an account. I get an error saying must be 8 characters, and all my fields are. As well it says fill in all field and i have. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help. I have been at this for some time now…

Sorry to hear youre having trouble with this. We are aware of an issue that has affected some users with sign up. We are releasing a fix for that and some other big improvements this week.
In the meantime, could you check all the fields to make sure they are ok? The main issue with sign up is we are giving a single error no matter which field has an error. I’ll send you a pm with my email so I can help further. Id like to make sure what we are fixing this week is the issue you’re having.

All fields are completely filled in i even checked the TOA and other fields. Its simply a bad app

Thank you for responding. I hope this is corrected before I find another source.

@machstem sorry to hear you’re having trouble- feel free to send an email to , and we will try to figure out what’s happening or create an account on your behalf .