Create no fly/exclusion areas zones

I am looking to fly some missions over a clients property but want to make sure that my drone never crosses into other properties. ie when returning home, changing batteries etc. Is there away to specify an area that is not to be flown over at all? Cheers

You won’t be operating from the client’s property?

  1. RTH will always take the shortest path to the the home point.
  2. Unless you don’t need to cover right to the edge of the client’s property, you will likely need to include a little of the next property’s edge to insure you get good coverage on the subject property.
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Depending on your altitude - higher the better, you shouldn’t need to fly over the adjoining property - nice if you could, but not necessary.

There is no exclusion feature other than your planning so it does not venture where it should not go.

You can also adjust your overlaps and elevation to get the flight line right on the perimeter. Round numbers are nice, but sometimes 1ft or 1% really dials it in.