Coordinate Points for map overlay


Could you make a feature in the overlays like the methane gas points for map overlays. You could upload a CSV file with coordinates and use them to find points on an overlaid map. We use survey for new plant and they give us coordinates where everything overlays.


I agree, the ability to create location annotations with a CSV import tool would be very helpful. Right now a power-user has to use the DroneDeploy API to create locations in bulk, but a front-end could easily be developed for this mechanic.

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For example, this is what the existing ‘CSV import’ tool does, it’s effective for gas concentration mapping but little else. A more generic ‘location annotation’ import tool is needed. It would not be unlike a .kml file import that brings in the vertices of a polygon, but instead be a list of discrete points-of-interest.

We have found a way to create 50+ API calls using a spreadsheet, which has helped us automate annotation placement. In this example planned power-pole and guy-wire locations.

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