Converting drone images to conventional 2d landscape site maps

Using the drone deploys arial maps is there a way to convert the produced photographic orthomosaic image to a landscape design site map that I can print or send/save as a pdf. I would like to be able to produce an site map like this so that landscape designs can be worked on and viewed as a drawn-up site map.


You can do some rudimentary planimetrics (drawing linework) inside of DroneDeploy but IMO it is better to export the ortho into another software as there is very little control of the DroneDeploy content and it comes out very generically. I would suggest getting familiar with QGIS. We are dealing with geospatial data here and that’s what it does. It handles the ultra-high resolution orthomosaics better than any non-GIS software and allows you to annotate and draw linework that can be exported as layered CAD and shapefiles. It takes so YouTube learning and patience but it is very powerful software that does much more.

Thankyou Michael, I’ll give that a shot. I’ve been editing with CorelDraw software, but I was hoping that I was just missing a function that the DD software could do. It seemed that it was almost there.
Cheers again :slight_smile:

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Yeah, if DroneDeploy would let you layer and draw curves then it would be a lot more useful.

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