Controller Fail in final countdown


Hi, has anyone figured out how to get the controller to pass the final check just before liftoff. I have a Phantom 3 Advance with the controller enabled in multiple flight modes with the toggle in the F position and it still goes thru the check list and stops at the controller section. It will not go any further. Please advise.
Thank you


Hi @JP1958,

Can you verify that you’ve updated the firmware for your controller and verify that you’re using the latest DroneDeploy app version?

In general, it’s always best to make sure all of your apps and software are up to date.

Keep me posted,


Hi Christina, Does drone deploy work on the new Mavic Pro?


Hi @JP1958,

We keep our list of Supported Drones up to date. We currently do not support the Mavic Air, but if you’d like for this to be supported, I encourage you to vote at Mavic Air Compatibility with DroneDeploy.