Contours-Shapefile vs DXF

I am trying to use the Shapefile (GeoReferenced) to scale an place the DXF (not GeoReferenced) that were created via export with DD. I am working with Civil 3D 2018. The DXF seems to have been created at a different scale in every direction, XY&Z and a much smaller scale than I am use to, a distance that should measure 1600 is measuring 0.005.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Verify your units in Civil, I’ve noticed that the values that are imported, let’s say 600 are actually in inches. So when I convert it to engineering or architectural display of units it divides the 600 by 12 (I’m using imperial…).

For a few projects I’ve had to manually scale the entire project by a scale factor of 12. You might need to do the same thing.

EDIT: Also make sure that your EPSG code is the proper one for whatever units and projection you need.

I have checked all that, but since the DXF is not GeoReferenced the EPSG does not that I know of effect it.
If I open the DXF and measure across the project the distance should be 1600 (16 Hundred) but it measures 0.005, this is a scale factor I am having a hard time with. It also is at a different scale vertically the 1 foot contours are at Z distance of .3048 which is easy enough to see is foot to meter.

If you start a blank project with the DXF only can you convert the project units to feet, then take your control measurements to see if that gets it to where it needs to be?