Contours and Multiple flight over tropical bush


I’m planning a flight to cover approximately 151.4 hectares of jungle/bush. i would like to know the best settings to use so i can export a clear contour map of the area and do it with the shortest flight time (i only have 2 batteries and the drone is a Phantom 4).

Setiings i’d like to know:
-Flight Height
-Front overlap
-Side overlap
-Mapping flight speed
-Structures mode?

I’d also like to know if i need to install an add-on app that could facilitate this type of flights and the export of contours.

Please assist.


Providing accurate contours without some kind of point cloud editing software is going to be tough. Even with that it would be a good amount of work to strip it down. As for the flight your will need 70/70 overlaps and around 275’ AGL. Flight speed should be automatically set unless you are in a darker than ideal scenario. Are your contours just for relative drainage analysis or do they need to be real ground elevations?