Contour line intervals and the Scaling options

Hi All,

I have recently got into a project where I have surveyed a land and processed the data on Drone Deploy.
I have used QGIS to put Contour lines (Contour SHP file) on orthomosaic (.TIFF format)

The images look something like this:

My additional requirements on top of this:

  1. generate contour lines with 0.5 meters interval. (I don’t know what interval the drone deploy app gives in, but there are so many likes for .01 differences also)

  2. Need a proper legend scaling and other things on the right as shown the below figure.

  3. Here in the image, I need to add all the things present on the right.

  • How to add the compass. How would I know which is north and point it to that.

  • And all the other scaling that is mentioned

  1. The last one is the client would take a hard copy on the paper that is A0 size (or something similar). How can I provide him the paper scale?

Looking forward for your help and support guys. Thanks in Advance and I’m sorry to ask such noob questions as I have recently started doing all these and it fascinates me a lot. Want to learn more and more in this.

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