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Hi My name is Ben and a ran a company RVS bv in belgium.
In trying to get in contact with dronedeploy for a job of mapping with 1000sq/km and 450000 images. With output DSM, DTM, POINT CLOUD, ORTOMOZAIC. It is a urgent request to get in contact with Them. but cant get Amy respond from Them van sumbody help me het in contact with Them.

Best regatta Ben Schreurs

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I’m assuming you already emailed support? You will probably want to break something up of that size into sections and create a master map in a GIS software. @Jamespipe

Hi Ben,

Lindsey here from Support! Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to get a hold of us. I took a look and do not see an email to, can you send us an email? We’d be happy to help out in depth.

That being said, Michael’s on track above - that this number of images is not something we can process over the cloud today. I recommend reducing this to smaller sections and then exporting to combine in local program.

Hope this helps!
DroneDeploy Support