Constraining all flight to occur within map polygon

I have a problem with the way flight segments are created by the web app. Specifically (probably with good intention), the web app might draw computed flight segments over parts of the Earth/ground that are not within the interior of the map polygon. The problem is that this can direct the aircraft to fly too low over higher elevations of adjacent territory or structures, and I shoot in a lot of hilly areas. In some cases, I can rotate the flight direction to avoid those “shortcut” segments, but not always.

So, my request is for an option to constrain “all flight” to the interior of the map polygon. Of course, the operator still needs to carefully plan on the correct elevation when flying to or returning from a map area…

As an example, imagine a map design covering a generally flat field, but where a hill intrudes into the desired elevation of the flight. While you can certainly draw your polygon to avoid the hill, flight segments might take the aircraft over the hill anyway.

At present, since this is not a common issue, it is upon the discretion of the operator to avoid such things by planning around them. You may need to do two or three separate flight plans and upload all the images as one map.