Consolidating all images on one date in the explore tab

I created a map and came back the next day to add images and panos. The upload went fine, but when I wanted to view the added images, they were listed on different dates. Is there a way to combine them all on the date without the viewer needing to change it?

The only way I have found to do it is to backdate them using something like Geosetter. Of course this breaks the validity if they are for inspection and contractual documentation but you can keep the originals safely stowed away if needed. You can backdate videos on DroneDeploy but photos are on auto.

Thanks, I thought it was only me. I guess that the other way to do it would be to load everything on the same day.

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If they were all taken the same day. It is retrieving the date from the EXIF data.

Thanks for your help. I would never have thought about the meta data tool.

I used two different drones for my shoot, and the clock was set incorrectly on one of them so it appeared to be a day ahead. Thanks again.

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@JBphotos and @MichaelL This problem will be solved soon with our new calendar selector. There’s currently an all-time, 30 day, 7 day, and fully customizable interval that will display all data within the date range. Available both for ground and aerial.

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Thanks Adam,

Will that support renaming and deleting images as well?


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@JBphotos You can rename photo groups, and delete photo groups, but there won’t yet be changes with renaming and deleting individual images quite yet.