Consolidated Feature Request Poll and Bug List 2019

Correct, DD only accepts polygons at this point. Litchi does as well as paths and points, but it turns them all into a traditional point-to-point flight. It is $24-25 and worth it’s weight in gold for its versatility.

In Litchi you can be flying and planning a mission at the same time. So I manually fly what I want and set the waypoints at my positions. Then if desired I can set the POI’s and dry-run to get them right or just manually control the yaw and pitch of the camera. The granular control of the points allows you to control horizontal, vertical and heading of each waypoint independently as well and the position and vertical of each POI.

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Thx., Michael. I’ll try the Litchi ,

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Bringing this poll to the attention of the product team. Thank you, folks! :slight_smile:


Would their be a way to make the poll a little more visible? I had to change it from General Discussion to Feature Request because there is a bug in the system for some reason that General Discussion does not show up as a new or latest item. I can’t edit the poll, but maybe a link to it in a new post?

Hi, would it be useful for some of you to add a possibility to import a DEM to get a more precise terrain following ?

I think that is one of the ideas. We discussed possibly being able to generate a terrain from a quick Live Map flight. It would be standard resolution, but it would be 10x more accurate than the Google Earth SRTM that most services are using. That SRTM has served me fine, but I do have to be careful when slopes surpass 3:1.

Ho… my point of view, is a bit different as i work in forestry, i fly with no internet connection whatsoever, but i have acces to Lidar data about elevation in the office when i plan my flights, it would be useful to get Lidar DEM under my DD plannification.

Yep, that is going to be tough for you no matter what service you use unless you plan in the “office”.

That’s what i do planning in the office, just need to plug a homemade DEM in DD flight plannification, then once all is set, drive 100km of dirt and fly.

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Planification! Love it!

I still think it would be useful to be able to see the average plant health for a selected area in the map. Whether that is VARI, NDVI, ENDVI, or whatever algorithm you are using to get plant health. Agriculture is the only setting I use DroneDeploy and that is the one feature I think would really help. Also, the ability to select the starting way point when resuming a mission would be useful as well.

So you would like to be able to draw a polygon and have it report the values for what you are seeing on screen?

Have you seen the latest product release and how it will now resume a mission from within a couple of meters of where it stopped instead the last waypoint on the leg.?

Yes, the same as before you just draw a polygon using the area tool and it then displays a plant health value that represents the average plant health of the area. Instead of just seeing red or green it would be nice to have a number represent the area as well. I briefly scrolled through the product release and I must have missed the resume a mission section. My mistake but I am glad to hear that is a new feature!

Got it. I will be reviewing the thread and summarizing the pole and other requests that have been added. Great suggestion. No worries as we are still all figuring out exactly what the changes were, but I think the resume mission will save us all a lot of time and batteries.

Yep, that platform bug never addressed.

Jordanlanous. I agree with your feature request.

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Long time DD user, first time forum user here. For our company it would be extremely useful if you could add DXFs and KML files as overlays in completed maps. PDF, PNG and geoTIFFs don’t really give us the flexibility we need.

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Are you currently turning your DXFs and KMLs into PDFs?

Currently that’s the only way we can do it. We had one project where the DXF represented about 100km on the ground and by the time we had stretched the PDF the resolution was pretty bad. Furthermore, we can’t compare our survey with design surfaces by using the PDF approach as the positioning of the PDF is only as accurate as the lining up process.

Surfaces via DXF has been requested so be assured there are many of us that could use that vs. a GeoTiff. DXFs are much lighter files and the most common file type among AEC users.

100km is a huge distance to try to accomplish in one map interface. I would suggest bringing in stationed sections as separate overlays and have those sections as individual flights under a Project. This makes it convenient to use the actual plan sheets (as they change) and you should to keep the maps updated.

We are working on a 10mi roadway that I split into to stationed sections that correspond with the design drawings. I can put much higher resolution imagery in for analysis. As you can tell I have flown quite a few times. I am through mile 7 on the second phase. I have already started 1 again on the 3rd phase so I am chasing my own tail.

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