Consistent disconnects at end of flight, or when return to home is hit; multi battery missions issue as well

I ran a few missions today with the newest version of drone deploy. I have been performing 6+ missions a week for the past month or so without issues, but today’s flights with the newest update were interesting. When I completed my first single battery mission this morning, upon completion, as my Inspire was turning around and lifting the camera back up to 90 degrees the fpv feed flickered and dropped (went black, then dji logo was displayed and feed came back) with an error coming up in app. The rest of the telemetry continued uninterrupted. The exact same behavior occurred for my other two missions today.

My second run today was a multi battery missions - I have had almost no issues so far with this in prior app versions, save for the occasional display issue on takeoff not giving me full telemetry info and requiring me to land and reload the app. Between my 1st and second batteries (in which I also got the connection issue when hitting RTH in-app), I had to reload dronedeploy when it got stuck at the checklist. For some reason the “checking settings” tickbox never got checked, when it is usually the waypoint loading that takes the longest.

On my third mission, I got a disconnect early on into my flight. the waypoint following stopped immediately, and it began drifting sideways (all displayed correctly inapp) until I returned it home. checking in dji go showed no issues with the craft itself.

DJI Inspire 1
Firmware 1.8
iPad Air 2 WiFi only
Newest DroneDeploy app (as of 7/20/16 in the AM, EST)

Sorry this was missed last week, @Zapf - are there any errors displayed within the DJI GO app when connecting to your drone? Has anything else changed in your setup? Please let us know

I’ve closed drone deploy and checked DJI GO for any issues - compass, gps count, etc are fine (only red flag was me needing to deep cycle some of my batteries, which I did yesterday - the problems still continue today). I pretty much have to close the app between batteries now as well; too often it will get stuck at the checklist screen otherwise (sometimes hanging, sometimes just never confirming that waypoints have been loaded, sometimes immediately confirming they were loaded with none of them actually being displayed on screen). Sometime it will repeatedly spam the warning about the drone deviating from its path after connection drops from hitting return to home in-app.

I finished most of my surveying for the summer, so I went and updated my inspire to the latest firmware. iPad still running 9.3, latest dronedeploy app as of today. Only have done 3 single battery missions - the camera feed still looks like its resetting / crashing after a mission complete. Did not get incessant warnings about the drone disconnecting however.

Only thing I’ve noticed change since my last post was that telemetry info updating much faster - distance / altitude changes are updated almost immediately - earlier they were just updating every second or so (in the initial vertical climb, about once every 10 meters)