I have a crystal sky monitor but to use flight planning I want to connect my android device to my monitor. When I try this nothing happens. Any clues?

Hi @NickDoyle,

We currently do not support any CrystalSky products, which is why you are experiencing issues. :confused:


Yeah sure. So instead of my crystal sky monitor I should be able to connect my android to the controller… is that the way to do it.


I have the P4P with a crystal sky monitor that is built into the controller. In order to run DroneDeploy, I had to buy a new, non-crystal sky P4P controller and an Android tablet. This was 3 months back but I don’t think the situation has changed.


Correct, @SolarBarn! :slight_smile: This is what you’ll need to do, @NickDoyle. Please double-check to make sure that your Android device and drone are both listed on our Supported Drones and Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet) page as well.

Yes I think your right. I have been told by dji that they intend to have some form of flight planning via dji pilot some time this year. Thanks


Thanks Christina. I have also downloaded dji go 4 onto my android…school boy error!

I like to say that all errors and mistakes are great lessons learned. :slight_smile: Hope you’ll be able to successfully plan and fly a mission soon.