"Connecting..." what about offline/remote locations?

When you start the DroneDeploy app the first thing you see is “Connecting to DroneDeploy” followed by about 20 seconds of waiting. I plan on using DroneDeploy in remote locations with no internet connection. I have read the offline instructions but I’m still wondering what happens when you activate the app and get the “Connecting” screen when there is no way for the app to connect to DroneDeploy central.

Hi Dagon,
I am dealing with the same issues. I work in polar regions and am more often away from internet connections than near them. What I have found so far is that you need to plan your missions online first, so that the base maps load and then they are saved on the DD server in your account. Then, while still in wifi range, and before going into the field, be sure to open your tablet and boot up the app, log in with the app while connected to WiFi. DD will recognize the app and upload the flight plans to your tablet/portable device.
I have found this not to be foolproof, so while still in wifi range I will sign out, turn off and re-boot, sign in again to make sure the flight plans are saved. This may be unnecessary but it seems to result in more successful functionality of the flight plans on the tablet. The flight plans should now be ready on your tablet and executable in the field, out of internet range.
Be careful, however, as the problem will rear its head again if the tablet gets shut down or loses power (battery loss etc). If I or the tablet log out of DD, I am unable to log in again or open the app top conduct already saved flight plans. I assume this is because I am out of wifi range (it needs connectivity to the DD servers to “log in”?). I have not been able to rectify this yet and am in Antarctica, without wifi, unable to log in to the DD app, with many more pre-planned flights to conduct, so I am a little pissed. I haven’t yet found a work-around.
I hope this helps at least a little bit. DD needs to up its game on offline functionality, for sure.

You can just use your cell phone for a mobile “Hot Spot”. I do it all the time and it works perfect when in the field. You don’t have to leave it on the whole time. Just turn it on and then boot up DD and after you see the map has loaded you can turn it off.

Unfortunately not an option for AT&T people with unlimited data plans.

That’s fine, and another workaround to be familiar with, but doesn’t change anything where there isn’t any cell coverage.

Hi Dragon

If we don’t have internet connection the product will still work. You’ll need to do what Dragon suggests. But we’re improving offline operation really soon (and making the app faster too!)

My problem is that I’ll be in a remote location in South America where I may not have the option to log on before going out in the field. I need a solution for capturing data that is not web based. Maybe I need to find an offline software option for capturing data and then use DroneDeploy for processing.

Do you have any kind of ETA on that, Mike?