Connecting to Drone Via Microsoft Edge


Until recently I have used the DroneDeploy app on my iPhone 12 for all corridor mapping with no issues.

My DroneDeploy account is a company account that uses an SSO login.

Recently my company has made an update to allow them to monitor apps installed for security. Since then, DroneDeploy app has logged me out.

When I attempt to log in, the app directs me to Microsoft Authenticator. Once this step is complete I get a message directing me to use Microsoft Edge to access DroneDeploy.

After logging in using Microsoft Edge I can view and modify my projects, but when it comes time to fly it will not recognise the drone.

Can a drone be recognised when using Microsoft Edge on a iOS device?

Device: iPhone 12 (iOS and DroneDeploy app up to date)
Drone: DJI Mavic 2 Pro (drone and controller firmware up to date)

Apologies if this specific question has been answered previously, search didn’t yield any results.


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