Conceptual Improvement - Separate Plans from Flights(Missions?) and Maps

I think DroneDeploy would greatly benefit from refinement of some key object concepts.

Currently, a flight plan gets executed, becoming a flight/mission which creates a collection of images that eventually get turned into a map / model. I would love to see these treated as separate entities.

My take:

Flight Plans should be flight plans. They are a template for executing a mission/flight. I don’t think of these as having a date, other than the created date and last modified date. I want to reuse these to execute multiple missions.

When I execute a flight plan, it becomes a flight/mission. A log is created. Hopefully useful imagery is captured and should be associated as the raw data captured by the flight.

When I process the data from a flight, I would like to get a map or model.

Since I can import raw images not associated with a flight/mission that was managed by DroneDeploy, perhaps you could accommodate an “External” or “3rd Party” flight/mission object. It may/may not have actual flight log data associated.

For me, this provides a better separation of concerns and makes it easier for the user to understand the workflow for repeat captures of a specific flight plan.

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I’d agree with this. I fly the same mission(s) fortnightly / monthly and compare the last run to the latest run. Having to copy the map, make it available offline etc whilst not hard is annoying. A flight plan should be treated as just that - a plan that can be continuously utilized.