Completed mission options

How can I make a drop & take photo/ video after mission is complete b4 the bird returns home? P4pro

Hi Kemani, you can take it out of automatic flight mode on the app and then take the photos and video before it returns home. Let me know if this helps.

Thanks K,

I’ll try it out in the AM… You’re awesome for taking the time to help!!!

Thanks again,

Had another question if that’s OK?

Sometimes when I plan a mission it will start from the home point & other times it picks a start point that’s close to the area I’m filming? Do you happen to know what I’m doing wrong?

You’re welcome. My guess is that the compass might not be fully calibrated if your Return to Home point is off. It’s easy to do so and recommended every time before you fly.

2 for 2??? Where’s my bookie when I need him?!!! Thanks K! You Rock!

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