Completed DD flight - Dashboard shows Edit instead of Upload

Hi all… I planned a flight in DD yesterday and completed the flight as per normal. Very basic flight - only 5ha area, 14:06minute flight. No issues with the planning or flight execution. At the end of the flight, confirmation was displayed and stated 187 photos were recorded (which they were). Get back to the office, log in to DD on desktop and the flight is still displayed as Edit, rather than Upload. Go back to the iPad, and it too says Edit instead of Upload.
Anyone have any suggestions as to how I upload the 187 photos for this flight - I’d rather not have to drive 3 hours for a round trip for a <15min flight.
Thanks in advance…Martin

Try flying the mission using the simulator and it will change to the upload option when you’re done. You don’t have to simulate the entire flight, just start it, then hit the HOME button.

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Thank you RNagel! That did the trick - uploading the images now. I did try to fly the shortest length of this in the simulator before pressing Home, but that only changed the flight from Edit to Continue. So I did that and in a very short time, the flight was completed (definitely not a 14min flight in simulator). Again, thank you very much.
Regards, Martin