Complete mission or RTH with lost connection?

I have a mission that will cover approximately 30 acres. Flying a P4. My issue is that there is no close takeoff area to start the mission so at the farthest section of the mission grid I will probably lose video connection and possibly control connection. Once control connection is lost will the unit automatically RTH or will it complete the mission. What takes precedence?

It should continue on the mission if everything else goes normally.

Thanks. If I have a chance I may test in a local field by shutting off the transmitter

Hello. I have P3S and on my flight I most of the time have no connection. So far it allway have completed the mission if it keeps not connected, but if the drone connect again it will keep on the route but it stops taking pictures.

If the battery runs out at the time of completing the large mission in a state of lost connections, whether the drone will return to home automaticly?

Hello. It only happen once to me. The P3S was flying with not connection and the drone did the RTH when battery was low.

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Cidcarlos, Did it happen again? Like lost connection but RTH when battery low? How many percent was it? Thank. This would be a great help.

Hello. Was very low when it landed. Not sure what % triggered RTH since it was disconnected.