Compatibility with Zenmuse XT2 Camera


When will the DD app be compatible with the Zenmuse XT2 on a M200 please? Do you have a time frame?

Please let me know.

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Thanks for the update. The DD page listing compatabilities or supported cameras lists the M210 and Zenmuse XT2. Excellent.

But before investing in the Zenmuse XT2, which costs 10k, is it possible to tell us if both the RGB and thermal IR cameras are triggered simultaneously or, if independently, when the drone returns will images for both a thermal IR and RGB be captured?

The Enterprise version of DroneDeploy will do semi-live thermal imaging, but it uses the streaming function (if I understand correctly), so the thermal data are not recorded.

I’m a researcher and we need the RGB to identify tree species and the IR to see tree health. Separate flights require a lot of batteries, more time, and each set of images taken at different times are much tougher to use - the thermal images can change if a cloud passes over or the wind picks up or shifts or the two flights differ enough in time that the angle of the sun has changed, so its ideal to have both RGB and IR maps produced from images taken at the same time.

Hey, thanks so much!

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