Compatibility with the Mavic air 2

That’s great. Keep it going.

But the single shot option take pictures in 12mpx if you wan’t to use the 48mpx option You have to change the picture mode, actually i think that a 3rd party app will use the 12mpx mode, maybe Andrew can help us with that doubt.

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Recently i saw a vídeo about a perdón that was making an exercise with some pictures talen with the MA2 and then i don’t know in wich program works using ground points and the difference in Z level between the mavic air 2 and the real level was about .01 and .02 mm ( i live un México).
So i think that the MA2 can give good results.

MAYBE if you pick the exact spot of the ground control point, but hundredths of a millimeter is not possible. Even 2 cm is very hard to achieve with just ground control points. I’m not saying that the Mavic Air 2 can’t make good maps, but it is nowhere near what you’re going to get with a Mavic 2 Pro or a Phantom 4 Pro.

Just a heads up that it has been reported elsewhere that the MA2 craft does not support waypoints and it is a limitation of the craft and not the firmware. This is from DJI but sometimes they get things wrong too. It may be a good idea to temper expectations until we’re sure. Perhaps @Andrew_Fraser knows for sure waypoints are supported in the MA2?


Yep and it’s the same thing with the Mavic Mini and people are already yelling for the Mavic Mini 2… :joy:

If I have the opportunity to sell my Mavic Air 2 and invest some more money for another Mavic series drone, what would be your recommendation?

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What kind of work will you be doing? How large of projects?

I also remember reading that the MA2 only supports waypoints through the use of virtual sticks. I think I read it in the DJI Forums.


I think this is exactly the distinction of how flight software providers can connect, but that means that the drone has to be in communication with the radio at all times. If it loses it then bye-bye.

Здравствуйте, получается так, что надежды нет? Можно продавать air 2? :roll_eyes:

Is there further news?


any news? gogo dronedeploy!

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As noted above, it is likely that the Mavic Air 2 does not support waypoint missions. Cross all your fingers and toes and it probably will not help.

What will work is to always select a drone that is already supported.

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Ohh :confused: … Guess I’m selling it

Hi Dave - I’m curious beyond having a vested interest (love my MA2, not quite ready to sell or invest in a different model). If the MA2 can perform waypoint flight for the hyperlapse function, shouldn’t it be able to do the same for Drone Deploy? I can see that it would be (probably a lot) more complicated, and maybe more work than DD wants to put in for potentially small return, but it seems possible at least? I don’t really know anything about how the software works, so maybe not. Just seems like a logical leap, I guess.

Hi @BuckeyeGuy

My comments are based upon an email reply received by another app developer last month to their question about when the MA2 would receive waypoint connectivity through the SDK.
Why hyperlapse and no waypoint missions? There are different levels of waypoint ability. One instance relies on the controller to work and the other stores information on the aircraft. It sounds like the latter is what is not supported on the MA2.

The response is as follows.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting DJI.
Sorry that the Mavic Air 2 is not supported by both the waypoint mission V1 and V2, limited by the drone itself.


Luce Luo
DJI Developer Support

Could this reply be incorrect and someday the MA2 will receive support through the SDK for waypoint missions? I don’t know. But it is looking unlikely. The craft is nearing 1 year old.

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Even though it may support waypoint autonomy in the DJI software does not mean that they are releasing that functionality to 3rd parties. I think they will eventually, but as well saw with the original Mavic Mini it took almost a year to happen.

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Thanks Dave - I must have missed that earlier response. Well, off to eBay for a Mavic Pro or P4 I guess.

Also keep in mind that you do not absolutely have to use a drone that is supported by the DroneDeploy autonomous flight to use their processing services, but you will want something with formal planning for maps. Two examples would be the Autel EVO II 6k Pro - which is going to drop in price with the new models coming out and the Yuneec H520E. We use an H520 for many scenarios and a manual upload to DroneDeploy works very well.

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