Compatibility with the Mavic air 2

Totally get it, the MA2 is a great drone to learn to fly and get your muscle memory down. It’s very quick and nimble so anything that you’re going to fly for mapping is going to be easy from there. If I were going to jump into agriculture specifically looking for rgb and multispectral I would take a serious look at the Matrice 600 Pro. It would be capable of running lidar as well. Or you could get a Phantom Pro V2.0 and a Phantom 4 Multispectral.

As an alternative you might look into the new Yuneec H520E. This is somewhat of an in-between because of its size, but it is a hexacopter and will have all of the options that we’ve been talking about. The caveat is that you cannot fly it with DroneDeploy, but you can still use DroneDeploy for uploading the images and processing. We have been flying the previous version for about 3 years.

Ok, I was already looking into getting a Matrice 600 Pro, but I’ll also have to look at the Yuneec drone. Thanks for the advice!


Hey Zeke.

There is an old saying with regard to hardware. Make sure the SOFTWARE you want to use will run on the hardware you are considering.

Regarding a limited budget to get started, especially in mapping, you can get a perfectly fine Phantom 3 Pro, probably with a few batteries, hard case, and misc. accessories for probably much less than the cost of the MA2. It’s not as new, or cute and portable as the MA2, but would be an excellent drone to learn about mapping and all sorts of facets of UAS operation. Save your big $$ until you actually know what you need to do the job you want the system to facilitate.

Just my $.02 Good luck!

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Yeah, had I known that I wanted to do mapping when I bought it, I probably would have considered a different drone. At the time, though, all I knew was that I wanted to be a drone pilot, so I bought the MA2 because it seemed like a pretty good drone for the price. It is pretty good for photography and videography(not as good as M2P, or P4P V2, but still very good). I’ll definitely be a lot more considerate about compatibility in the future when I purchase a new drone.

Right idea, but have you looked for one lately? Geez, it’s like they’re a classic or something…

Good plan ! …

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No, I haven’t looked lately. They were plentiful @ $500 ish as a kit last time I checked. I have one sitting on the shelf though (with monitored batteries). :smile:

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Hi Dannielle ,
Is Drone deploy backing the post from Matt on October 24th? Will version 4.14 MSDK support the Mavic Air 2? I brought one assuming if the Mavic air is supported the next version would be. I have a Mavic Pro 2 and a Mavic Platinum 2, both going fine . I will sell the Mavic Air 2 and buy another Mavic Pro 2 if I have to. The Air 2 is a bit easier to take on carry on luggage and I fly a lot. Would be great if it is supported in the near future , or should I sell it for what I can recover and move on?

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Hi Danielle, is there any update regarding this matter?

Thanks =)

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Hi, does anyone know about how long it will take until the Mavic air 2 is up and running after Dji adds the SDK?

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Maybe this will help? Fingers crossed! From DJI.

Dear Developer,

We are excited to announce the release of the DJI Mobile SDK 4.14 Trial1 and DJI UX SDK 4.14 Trial1. You can find them on our developer site at DJI MSDK Download, DJI UXSDK Download.

This version of Mobile SDK introduces support for DJI Mavic Air 2 and adds some new features for Matrice 300 RTK, including the selection of lens to for taking photos or recording videos, custom file name and folder name for manual flight and waypoint flight, and support radar accessories for obstacle avoidance. Also, we added some new features for Phantom 4 RTK, including fetch XMP file from camera and support maintain positioning accuracy mode. In addition, we have fixed some serious bugs. Please refer to the release notes for the full list of changes.

This version of UX SDK introduces support for Mavic Air 2 and fixes for various bugs. We are transitioning towards an upcoming major version of UX SDK, version 5.0, which is open source, modular and customizable. Shortly after this 4.14 release, you will find the new iOS UXSDK version 5 beta 4 and Android UX SDK version 5 beta 5 on Github. We look forward to all of your feedback and pull requests.

As always, the DJI Dev Team is committed to improving your developer experience. Please report any bugs or questions you have to We recommend frequently checking the DJI SDK Download Page to ensure that you are always working with the latest version of the DJI SDK.

If you don’t want to subscribe news about our SDK anymore, you can go to our developer website to unsubscribe it. You can go to the link below to unsubscribe.

If you would like to contribute or ask questions to the DJI Developer Community please check out DJI Developer Forum here: EN CN.

The DJI Developer Technologies Team


@MichaelL you are correct - this is what we’ve been waiting for from DJI. We will be adding support for Mavic Air 2. Stay tuned and happy flying.


Now that Dji has released the sdk for the mavic air 2 how long will it take until dronedeploy has the mavic air 2 compatible?


when will dronedeploy be compatible to perform flights with the mavic air 2?

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Hi Lindsey. Did you mean to link back to this same thread?

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Good catch, Dave looks like I mistook this for a new thread.
This will be the best place to keep up with updates. :slight_smile:

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When dronedeploy support mavic air 2? Please let me know the timeline


Hi, have been any news from the MA2 compatibility?

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Hi, have been any news from the MA2 compatibility?

Better change to parrot?

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Here’s the drone and camera compatibility list.