Compatibility with SLIVICS GIS program

I am trying to produce photos and reports of some planted timber I flew for a client with my Mavic 2 Pro. They use a GIS software program called SLIVICS. Unfortunately, the geotif I produced from DD is not compatible with their software. The SLIVICS people say it has to do with the compression algorithm used to make the geotif. Has anyone run into this program and a solution? The SLIVICS folks use a company called ThinkGeo for their mapping element, and they are supposedly looking at it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Slight mispelling, but I think you meant Silvics. They should not have any issues with the DD geotiff. A neighboring city’s GIS department uses Silvics and ArcGIS and have not had any issues with the content that I have provided them. What error are they getting?

They say the compression algorithm will not work with silvics 2.0. I’ve got one of their tech support guys doing a deep dive into it. They’re been very helpful but no solution yet. I’m having them try a geotif done with Drones Made Easy to see if it is any different.


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