Compass Orientation of Orthomosaic Export

Can we specify the compass heading for orthomosaic exports? If we can. how? If not, I’d like to request this feature. The mosaic is almost always not square with the screen and my clients like to have their maps not displayed on a diagonal (and so do I). Unfortunately I have not found an editor capable of rotating a 0.5GB tif file.

Thanks for your feedback, @erkq - are you using the maps mainly for visualization or for post processing analysis? if it’s the former, a good option until we have something similar may be to import to Google Earth and change the viewing screen:

Thanks for the reply. For other’s information I finally decided we need to do this properly. There are programs made for mapping and handling these large datasets. We’re using QGIS. That’s really the right answer for us.

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I love QGIS. Great to have a powerful option that is also free.