Comparison of multiple Flights to get cut/fill

When will there be a way to compare multiple flights to get quantities for cut/fill over time? Seeing this in Kespry and Airware apps. Kind of a make or break feature for us. Exporting to Agtek to make comparisons is a serious choke point in our workflow.

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Love it, second that! This would make it a lot easier for my users to calculate their own cut/fills.

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Hi @hts,

We currently don’t have any news or updates to share about when or if this feature will be available down the road, but your request has been noted.


I would think it would be a top priority considering the competition is already there. We’re looking at moving to either Kespry or Airware for this very reason.

Decide carefully. With a corporate cost comparison there is no comparing the bang for the buck. Don’t get yourself locked into a limited piece of equipment.

Our comparison took into account what Kespry and Airware can do in their flights and app that we can’t do in Drone Deploy. While the above can give us the data we need from their applications for 40K/year, with Drone Deploy we have to upgrade our Agtek application to Gradework which is 20K/yr. Then take into account paying someone to set ground control points and then someone else to process our flight data and we’re looking at another 30K/yr at least.

Interested in this. The time it takes to set GCP’s and process is minuscule compared to what it costs to survey traditionally. We also use Agtek, but IMHO the Grade module is not the way to go yet. Try Carlson Precision 3D Topo. Much less expensive and much more capable. It can produce any file type you need for Agtek.
Also, if you look at enterprise you can get unlimited GCP’s and DTM’s. Still a quarter to third of any other solution.