Comparison of DroneDeploy vs. Pix4D vs. Agisoft Photoscan vs. Recap360

Hi Dronedeploy team,

Been doing aerial photogrammetry professionally for a while and very familiar with Pix4D & Agisoft Photoscan, also starting to test out Autodesk Recap 360 & Drone Deploy. Trying to compile comparison data for reference & for clients. Are there specs on the differences between DroneDeploy Map Engine vs other Photogrammetry engines? I’d love to see some number on accuracy, quality, & speed.


Hi Jason,

I am not aware that we have any specific spec differences. Our pricing page has some information that may be helpful:

I suggest doing a trial with DroneDeploy and reviewing the results. We think you’ll like what you see:)


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked out the pricing page and that explains the features very well. What I’m interested in learning more about the underlying photogrammetry engine. When I use Agisoft Photoscan or Pix4D, I have the option to set how many keypoints to match per image. I’ve notice this directly affects the output quality & accuracy. What is the # of keypoints used in alignment in Map Engine? If I want to use GCPs in a project, how does Map Engine calculate error at each GCP? This is critical data that I need to provide to my clients as a measure of accuracy. Do you have any examples of any reporting generated for datasets that require high accuracy? These are some of the things I need before I can move my workflow to something like DroneDeploy.



Hi @Jason_Cheng - please see here for some more information regarding our process for GCPs:

and here for more information on our accuracy measurement:

Also, feel free to send an inquiry to . One our reps will be happy to set up a time to talk and go through your questions.


Hi Jason, Is it possible to communicate off line regarding similar interests? Perhaps a website or an email. my apologies in advance if this request is a violation of DD Forum policy.

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Hello Mriney,
If you could email me at regarding the same question Jason asked I would appreciate it a ton.

Looking forward to your email.

Hello Mriney,
If you could email me at regarding the same question Jason asked I would appreciate.

Looking forward to your email.