Comparing Processing Time to Pix4D Mapper Cloud?

Granted I’m comparing a trial DD account to a trial Pix4D account but I processed a job with like about 1,000 photos and Pix4D Mapper (Cloud) did it in less than 4 hours and and DD took like over a day.

Does anyone know how much of an improvement the processing time is on DD as you move up to the different account levels or is the basic fact that currently Pix4D has more “horsepower” for the their Cloud Processing platform compared to DD (could also be a matter of DD has a lot higher ratio of users running jobs to CPU availability than Pix4D) But boy, the difference seems like night and day. Pix4D was even faster than MapsMadeEasy which I found was the fastest up until this point.

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Hi @consultant,

I’m sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience with our platform. Can you share some more details about the map you had an issue with processing? What was the name of the map and what is the email address associated with your DroneDeploy account?

Keep me posted,