Commercial opportunities in FL with algae, new FAA rules

There may be commercial opportunities in Florida for Drone Deploy clients. New FAA rules are here just in time. Looks like an interesting thing to map. It could be a good test run for hurricanes and insurance work. Interesting. Not sure how UAS pilots would get paid, but a model like YouTube, where prolific mappers get a percentage once the data is sold seems reasonable.


Can you explain more about your last sentence? I live on the Gulf in SW FL.

Not sure who the maps belong to. Drone Deploy or the pilot? Does Drone Deploy have ownership when the service is used for free? Once you subscribe are the maps entirely the client/pilots? If Drone Deploy retains some kind of ownership they can sell the data to insurance companies after disaster I would think. This could in theory get peoples roofs fixed a little faster. Adjusters have to do a lot of climbing and measuring. Drones do this well if not faster and better.

It would be really cool to see how NVDI picks up growth. Drop some Secchi disks on the edges of the bloom and check out the NVDI if you subscribe. I can’t pull up the stuff I did for free to look at water. I don’t think it will work. It will be all the same color until you get to the floating stuff, I think.