Combining facade inspections into one 3D model

I have created several facade inspection flight plans of a condo building for a project we are working on. The individual facade models look great, but the overall 3D model, not so much. It looks like the main model is only created using the overhead mapping images rather that adding in the facade images as well. Is there a way to add the facade images into the main model as opposed to only their individual models?

I do not want to get rid of the individual facade models (they are useful), but for presentation purposes one full model would be even better!

Thanks for the help in advance.

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The easiest way to do this would be to combine your façade inspection images with your overall 3D model flight images and re upload them all at once. Within your project, create a new “Flight Plan” and title it something like Overall Building. Then upload all images together so the resulting model has much better detail. Try to avoid uploading any images that show the horizon or sky, these images can mess up your 3D model if you have too many of them. I haven’t used the façade feature in a while, but generally I don’t use it. When I’m trying to document a building in the greatest detail I’ll let the drone do an automated flight then land the drone. Next, I start manually flying the building and taking a ton of pictures of any areas you want lots of detail on. You can fly the drone much closer to the building so the model has better resolution. I do this with building facades instead of using the façade flight planning tool.