Combine several models into one larger model

Howdy! I’m new to Drone Deploy and recently created 5 models of (roughly) the same area. There are two schools, a road between the two, a football field and some empty land. I created multiple missions for them due to both resolution and line of sight considerations. I wanted the schools (and the stands at the football stadium) to be higher resolution than the open fields and road, for instance, so they were flown at a lower altitude.

Is it possible to combine models? All of the missions were flown under the the same project (“sub projects” if you will), if that makes any difference.

Here’s a link to one of the projects:

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You should be able to upload all the images at one time manually instead of using the link that is there from the completed flight. Just choose which project you want to put it in. Otherwise you would do it outside of DroneDeploy in a point cloud editor.

I did a similar thing, flew 4 missions then uploaded all the images to one. The one thing that got me was the number of images, the phantom 4 creates another director on the sd card when it hits I think 999 images then starts the numbering from the beginning so you have images with the same name. I ended up renaming the images in the 2nd folder before uploading them.

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