Collocated Geotagged Images

Summary of Issue: A portion of my geotagaged images are at the same XY along flight path.

Date Issue Began: 09/10/2018

Drone Model: M-210

Mobile Device Model and OS version: OS current

DroneDeploy App Version: Current

Was there a gap between the last image at that location and the next shot? Otherwards do you see a gap in the path? Seem like the GPS hung and continued to use the same coordinate until it fixed again. You see this sometimes in survey equipment when you drop to DGPS until it gets Fixed when doing auto-topos.

Yes. There is a a gap in the path,. The missing shots from the path are collocated at the next location. How could this be corrected?

If you know about where the piled up photos go, you could use exiftools to edit their GPS values in order to put them in their right place. Then you would re-upload the photos for processing into a map.

If you do not want to do this yourself, you could upload all the photos to something like Google Drive and I will do it for you. I can PM you my email if you want to go this route.

Mind you, some photogrammetry programs take the GPS locations with a grain of salt and align the photos to their correct positions. So have you tried processing the photos into a map to see what you get?