Collaborating the compass and phone connecting to 4k camera

Hi, I have had my phantom 4 drone for 3 days now. I have come across some issues that i can’t seem to find the answer for. From what I’m aware when you go to collaborate the compass, all 4 lights on phantom should turn yellow and then turn green once collaboration is finished. I click on details then it brings me to a screen where it says rotate 360 degrees, my front 2 lights stay red and my back go yellow. Also i am struggling to connect my controller, phantom and phone all together. Sometimes on the app when I click camera is is blue and other times it is grey, i am able to connect the it is blue but not when it is grey. Lastly, if i click on camera when it is grey in the menu bar is comes up with (remote control signal weak), this has also happened when i have been mid flight, my phone losses connecting with the live camera and the menu bar says remote control signal weak. If anyone could help me that would be fantastic.

Quick question, Joel: which phone are you using? iPhone? I’ve found problems connecting my own P4 when I don’t use an Apple-brand adapter cable.

have you tried to calibrate the drone without a tablet or phone connected? To do so all you have to do is move the switch on the top left of your controller back-and-forth a dozen times. Then you will see the flashing yellow lights, you will do your span, then you will pointed down and spend again you should see flashing green.

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Yes i have when i flick the switch, the back two lights go yellow and the front two stay red

I am using a HTC m8
i have also used my father’s phone and his seems to work