Cloud upload in the field

When starting the app, (this was the first time I linked the Inspire to the app), it told me that I would have to upload the pictures manually via the SD card because it needed to be linked with wifi for the first time. Not sure if I need to turn everything on in my house while on wifi and let it sync with the website or not. Anyone had anything similar?

Other than this issue, I had very good results and love the app. I only mapped about 4 acres because of it being the first time but soon I will be mapping over 40 acres.


Steven M. Lee
Aero Vertical Imaging, LLC.

You need to take the SD card out and connect to your PC. Then go to and upload your photos there. We don’t download in the field because DJI doesn’t support a fast enough speed.

Thanks Chase! Loving the app so far. Really need a battery level on the screen