Cloud cover obscures area to map

I have yet to try this program and I am anxious to make it work as I think this is a terrific tool to begin a business if indeed it is as easy as they make it seem. (Gotta say, trusting my expensive bird to an autonomous system is a little daunting)

Still, my questions are:

No.1 - The test areas I want to try it on are covered in clouds… and the street maps don’t show the fields (obviously) so what do I do? - In google Earth I can go to history and pull up a different sat image that may have better imagery…

No.2 - Why is the sat image of such low res and why can I not zoom in more…?

Puna Phantom

hi @PunaPhantom

sorry for the inconvenience. We generally recommend using our shapefile planning feature for areas with low resolution satellite imagery:

Thx will check it out…

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