Class C Waivers in advance

Is there a way to apply for Class C Waivers in advance…say 1-2 weeks before desired flights?

I currently use Airmap but i do not see a place for future approvals. I just use for approval right before a flight.

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Why can’t you schedule it in Airmap? It’s the first line item on a new flight. Or…

If your looking for LAANC approval it’s best the day of the flight, things happen and time windows slides.

If you need FAA approval to say fly at 500’ then you will need to get a wavier ahead of time, those can take up to 8 weeks to get.

So it really depends on why you need a wavier to know which route you should go.

If you can’t get automated LAANC approval call the Airport Control Tower and ask for permission to fly, they will ask where, how high and how long.

I do it all the time, hopefully by the end of year all Tower controlled airspace will be on LAANC approval system.

Awesome! Thanks so much